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View our course comparison chart to find out which Caylum program will help you reach your trading goals.

View our course comparison chart to find out which Caylum program will help you reach your trading goals.

One strength of Caylum is its methods of teaching different trading strategies for different trader mentalities. From scalping markets, swing trading, and positioning for the medium/long term, all aspects are covered with the added emphasis on discovering which methods you are most comfortable with. I feel that I learned more at Caylum than I did in years of self-taught trading.

--- Jose Benedicto Tapang Business Owner ---

My experience with Caylum had been very good. Hands down, Caylum’s Recruitment Program is the best stock market investing or trading seminar I have attended.  The curriculum is very comprehensive.  It covers not only fundamental and technical analysis but also human psychology.  After the course, I came out with a less complicated system and approach to trading the stock market.  I highly recommend the course for those who want to fast track their market education and trading career.

--- Stephen Briones 35, Systems Engineer ---

I was already trading before and experimented different trading systems on my own but it was never enough since I always end up losing my trades. And then I met Caylum, the institute taught me a comprehensive trading system which made me very confident as a trader. Furthermore, having the Chairman – Mr. Edward Lee – as a mentor is priceless.

--- John Paul German 31, Service Engineer ---

Caylum is life changing and financially fulfilling! Before Caylum, I used to trade blindly, just using “gut feels” and whatnot, and that’s not sustainable/consistent. Now after Caylum, every trade has a purpose and expectation. Trading became fun and exciting again! Going to Caylum was the best decision I’ve ever made!

--- Jason Dee Uy 27, Mainframe Developer ---

Caylum provided a “science” to my trading. It has given me a validated method to base my trading on. I would definitely recommend it to my fellow stock traders out there who are serious about improving their craft!

--- Nathaniel Labio 49, General and Cancer Surgeon ---

I’ve always been someone who’s been interested in the financial markets. This interest was eventually complimented by knowledge about market structures and investment instruments. What I always lacked was a way to operationalize this knowledge into investment decisions that would ultimately lead to hard earned bucks. The Caylum Trading Institute did just that for me. Now, I can finally understand charts and manage investment risk in a professional manner like never before.

--- Isaac James Javellana 27, Wealth Management Associate ---

Caylum Trading Institute is an excellent trading institute because their teachers are practitioners. Having undergone several bull and bear markets, they have the experience and the knowledge together with the grit to share to other traders regardless of age, gender, and trading knowledge. Several methods are taught from intraday to swing to position trading. Each pros and cons are taught so you can adapt whatever method fits your personality. Overall, the course has none like it especially in the Philippines. Words of wisdom from Chairman Edward Lee are very in depth. When he talks, you listen.

--- Vincent Ngo 30, Market Analyst ---

I enrolled in Caylum because it was cheaper than other short courses in financial trading. The school taught me all the things that I needed to know, both in trading and the buy and hold investing strategy. I strongly recommend Caylum to all aspiring traders.

--- Nicole Kelvin Ang 25, Consumer Advocate ---

Coming into Caylum, I didn’t know anything about the stock market other than buying and selling stocks for the prices they want. I’ve always been interested but never got the chance to be properly educated until Caylum. The instructors, directors, and staff were very accommodating. The instructors were very knowledgeable and did the very best they could to equip us with the tools we need to be successful in the stock market industry. I am very fortunate to have been selected to attend the school and I owe all my future success to Caylum (and Citisecurities).

--- Kyle Joshua Dandan 26, Professional Tennis Player ---

Having known little to practically nothing about the ins and outs of the stock market, Caylum Trading Institute was an excellent eye-opener for me. I was much fond of how the institute exceptionally integrated four essential strategies on trading the market into one framework, the FTSR framework. Aside from the outstanding and thorough subject content, the program also had pragmatic approach to the market through equipping the students with mock trading accounts, which I think was extremely helpful in understanding the theories.

--- Vicente Eduardo del Rosario 22, College Graduate ---

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